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Porsche aims to sell 20,000 electric cars annually

The Volkswagen Group’s Porsche aims to sell 20,000 units of its first electric car in a year, according to the report from a German magazine. The statement was announced by the luxury carmaker’s chief executive, Mr Oliver Blume in the meeting with one of the popular German magazines, Automobilwoche. Porsche’s first electric car, the Mission E will be launched in the automotive market in 2019.

Porsche launched Macan R4 in India at Rs. 76.84lakh

Porsche, German automobile manufacturer has launched the Porsche Macan R4 in the Indian market at the price tag of Rs. 76,84,000 in ex-showroom of Maharashtra. In this fiscal, Porsche has released the variety of models in the different segments and the Macan R4 is the new compact SUV, which is the demanding category in the car industry.

Porsche reveals Panamera 4 E-Hybrid ahead of Paris debut

Porsche carmaker has unveiled the technically advanced new car, Panamera 4 E-Hybrid before the Paris motor show. Two months back, the carmaker has unveiled the new Panamera models, such as Panamera 4S, 4S Diesel and Turbo. The E-Hybrid variant is the fourth model and one of the two petrol-electric hybrid cars, which planned to add in the line-up of new Panamera models.

Porsche Macan Turbo offers with a performance pack

The Porsche Macan Turbo S variant is now offered with the performance package and the model will be offered in an order of Rs. 6.97lakh (10,445 USD). This performance package will be available for the customers, who are looking for the higher power on the regular Turbo S variant. With this package, the turbo S model has increased its power by 40bhp and the torque by 49Nm. The Macan Turbo performance claims 440bhp of power and 600Nm of torque with the 3.6-litre V6 engine.

Porsche plans to expand network in the Indian market

The German based car manufacturer, Porsche plans to expand its network in India, by introducing the most number of cars.  The number of millionaires and economic indicators is increasing in the Indian market so that Porsche, the luxury carmaker thinks to take a decision to expand the network. With the introduction of new generation cars, the desirability of the luxury car enthusiasts is to be increased and the company will good awareness in the luxury car market.

Porsche Launched Cayenne Platinum Edition in India at Rs. 1.06 Crore

Porsche, the German automobile manufacturer, has been launched the platinum edition of Cayenne in the Indian market at the starting price of Rs. 1.06 Crore. The Cayenne Platinum edition available in petrol and diesel versions with the extra special features for a different look in the market. Not all the models, the selected versions of Porsche Cayenne will get the Platinum Edition badge and this offer will be applied to the certain limit. The petrol version of Cayenne Platinum priced at Rs. 1.06 crore in ex-showroom Maharashtra whereas the diesel version priced at Rs. 1.08 crore.

Porsche launched 2017 911 range models in India

Porsche India has introduced the new 2017 911 range models in the Indian luxury car market at the starting price of Rs. 1.42 crore in Delhi ex-showroom. A total of 10 variants launched based on the two base trims, 911 Carrera and 911 Turbo, which features the renovated engines and new generation cosmetic changes than the previous models. The sharper design language, including exterior and interior specifications and new equipment featured by the 911 range models.

What Porsche is cooking up an all-electric sports car?

Porsche is one of the most renowned sports car makers, with a rich history and significant contribution to the automotive industry. From the curvy body lines of the 356 model up to the distinctive body shape of the 911, Porsche always managed to make its cars stand out from the crowd, and not only due to their aesthetics – the rear-mounted engines and their aggressive roar are also emblematic elements of the brand. However, it appears that the latter might not make it to an upcoming Porsche model.

Porsche 911 R 500bhp unveils at Geneva Motor Show

Porsche has been exhibited its new-generation model 911 R at the ongoing Geneva motor show and it is the lighter version of the Porsche GT3 RS. The 911 R is the advanced and feature-rich model but, its parent model, Porsche 911 having the 53 years history in the market. A few of versions offered in the international market from more than five decades and it is the new generation car with the traditional roots.

Porsche Will Introduce Hybrid Versions Of Its All Models

Volkswagen (VW) owned Porsche has confirmed that the company plans to offer the hybrid versions of all its models including Cayenne, Cayman, Panamera, Boxster, Macan and 911.  The information released by Oliver Blume, Chief Executive of the sports carmaker. The hybrid trims of the Porsche 911 will introduce in 2018 in the global market with the range of 31.1miles (50 kilometres).  The Mission E project will bring by the company and the project-based models are to hit the market by 2020 with over 600hp and more than 500km range.