Passenger Vehicle reported 9% sales growth in February in India

Economic Times stated that the Indian PV market registered 9.01% sales growth in the last month with sales of 2,55,359 units, as per the data from SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers). The PV segment includes utility vehicles, passenger cars and vans. With the launch of new SUVs and compact SUVs, the UV segment posted the highest sales growth of 21.79 percent and stood at 65,887 units.

Indian Auto Sales Analysis in November 2016

The Government has banned the high-value currency notes to vanish black money in the country, which impacts indirectly sales of two-wheelers and commercial vehicles in the last month.

Top 10 Selling Passenger Cars in November 2016

The Indian automobile industry is quite tough in the November month as the Indian automakers have registered the negative sales due to demonetisation. But, the Indian passenger market has less impact on sales. Auto experts said that the demonetisation has impacted the sales of all kinds of vehicles, especially two-wheelers, large SUVs and commercial vehicles.

Top 10 best-selling passenger cars in October 2016: Maruti Baleno reports 153% growth

In the Indian market, the passenger car segment reported the marginal growth of 0.45 percent in the month of October 2016 with the sales of 1,95,036 units. The report of cars sales structure is prepared according to the data released by the SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers). Like the previous months, the list of best-selling passenger cars is highlighted by the Maruti Alto in October 2016.

Affordable cars in India to witness for high sales during festival season

Most of the families and individuals decide to buy new cars at the time of Diwali with the sign of colorful future. In fact, the passenger car industry is always witnessed the positive sales growth in the time of the festival season. Especially, the best and affordable cars to get the highest number sales in the country as the Indian customers mostly prefer the cars priced between Rs. 4lakh to Rs. 8alkh. Of course, the luxury cars also get the positive sales in the duration of festival months.

Passenger Vehicle sales to cross 3 million units in FY2017

Report from the Economic Times, the sales of passenger vehicles, including utility vehicles, sedans, passenger cars, as well, are likely to cross the milestone of 3 million units in this financial year (FY2017). The demand for the compact SUVs and new models is continuously increasing in both rural and urban areas so that the Industry specialists expected that the PV sales to reach the mark of 3million units in the country.

Top 10 Best-Selling Passenger Cars in July 2016

The Indian automotive industry witnessed the positive number of sales in the last month with the good monsoon. Maruti Suzuki India reported 13.9 percent growth with 1,25,778 vehicles, Hyundai has 12.9% growth and Mahindra was reported to 20 percent growth.

Domestic Commercial Vehicles Reported 12.99% Growth in Q1 FY 2016-17

The segment of total commercial vehicles, including passenger carriers, LCVs, goods carriers and M&HCVs, achieved 12.99 percent growth in the first quarter of this fiscal in India. The CV industry sold a total of 1,66,966 units in the duration of April to June 2016 against 1,47,767units in the year-ago period. Sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market increased 17% in April, 17% in May and 6% in June.

Passenger Vehicle Sales in India in Q1 FY 16-17

The complete automotive sales analysis of Q1 FY 16-17 announced, the segment of passenger vehicles, including passenger cars, UVs (utility vehicles) and vans, reported 6.66 percent growth in the Indian market. In the duration of April to June 2016, the Indian PV industry sold 6,97,154 units against 6,53, 593 units in the same period of previous fiscal.

Top 10 best-selling cars in India in May 2016

The list of top ten best-selling cars is again highlighted by Maruti Suzuki in the last month with seven products.