On this Page, we provide you best car care tips that help to take care of your car yourself. Regular maintenance of the car keeps strong forever and gives high-mileage ride.

Engine: The checking the oil level in the engine every can do. The engine gets trouble if the oil level is too high or too low so regular checking is essential. You can wait until the engine gets cooled after riding and find the dipstick to check the oil range.  Take it away from the dip tube, clean and arrange it properly like as earlier. After a minute pull it out from dip tube and check the oil level- if it is in between high and low marks (denoted by “H”and “L”) then no worry.

Weekly once check your car “tyre pressures” as bad tyre pressures have an effect on fuel economy.

Checking the coolant level of car is necessary as the engine cannot work properly without it. You can search for the coolant reservoir, a white semi-transparent bottle that is generally placed at one side of engine. Check the coolant level after engine gets cooled; if it is in between low and high marks then engine is fine.

A rubber drive belts series placed exactly at the front of engine; you must check the accessory drive and timing belts for every 25,000 miles ride. The operation of engine goes constantly if you replace it for every 50,000 miles of journey.

Exterior: Hand wash is the finest for the carwash and use the water with automotive-based cleaner or shampoos and clean your car properly.

You can wash your car wheels (steel wheels or Alloy wheels) everyday with warm water otherwise dust particles damage your car wheels. For better results you can go for detergent solution. After, dry car wheels with a smooth and soft cloth and don’t use harsh brushes to clean wheels. Moreover, you can use isolated Non-acid based cleaners for tire and wheel cleaning.

The smooth paint removes all scratches and blemishes but you can better go for polish and wax compounds that make your car shine and look newer. Better to use “oscillating polishing machine” for your car polish. But, before you use it must know “how it works?”

Interior: Both Fabric and leather covers make your car with good appearance but choice is yourself as both have pros and cons. Fabric covers cheaper than leather and produce a normal temperature whether it is winter or summer. You can clean fabric covers once a week with Vacuum cleaner only whereas Leather covers with a specialized leather cloth or soft cloth.

Clean your car seat belt with warm water and mild soap; replace it if damaged or uncomfortable. Also check regularly u-Joints and other Driveline components as these require lubricants. Clean your carpets with stiff scrub brushes or medium air pressure only.

Battery: At first disconnect the battery if you work on that (checking of electrolyte level) and take it away and take-off the negative connector. Always disconnect the negative side connector first otherwise you will have an electronic short. If you are reconnecting the battery then you first connect the positive terminal and after negative terminal to protect yourself from electrical short. If the electrolyte is low then fill up with distilled water.

Body terminals are dirty then the electrical system doesn’t work properly. So check and clean the each terminal part with a wire brush by removing terminal caps.

Radiator: Always check the coolant level of radiator as overheating radiators give some expensive consequences and disastrous. The present car engines need correct mix of water to protect the internals. 

More: Dirty Air filters affect on fuel economy so you can clean or replace it with handbook guidance. Once a week, you can check your car Air Conditioning system in cool environment only. Every day, you need to check the condition of brakes, hydraulic clutch, fuel leaks, steering and Lights, brake lights, headlights, etc.. Follow the above car care tips carefully and enjoy your ride always.