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Volkswagen Beetle to Launch on Around 20th December, 2015

The modern hatcback vehicle, Volkswagen Beetle, is to launch in the Indian auto market by this year-end, might be on 20th December, 2015. Volkswagen has been opened the pre orders for the upcoming third-generation Beetle in India at Rs. 1 lakh and the model has been spotted for performance testing on the roads with the classy and stylish two door chassis. There is few more days of time for the German manufacturer, Volkswagen to launch its product officially in the domestic car market.

Volkswagen Beetle Dune - Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd

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The design groups at Volkswagen have done a great job in terms of styling of the Volkswagen Beetle. And the model seems to be offered by the wide range of design cues and the different interior and exterior shades to balance the luxury and performance in an equal manner. The new Beetle to carry the round shaped exterior that features the flared wheel arches, new roofline and the bonnet.  The inside of the Beetle car is too attractive and modern classic with the nice shades of interior, old glove box, the advanced instrument panel, comfortable driver and passenger seats with a decent stitching, the dashboard with the three round dials and other features.

 The overall design of the Beetle including the projector headlights, premium front bumper with chrome lines, door mirrors finished by the same body color with the turn indicators, as well will be retained than its predecessor. But, the dimensions and the gross weight of the model to be altered with the lightweight construction.

Volkswagen Beetle - Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd

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Volkswagen Beetle would be also equipped with the user friendly infotainment system that supports the enormous functions like Bluetooth compatibility, CD player, iPhone or iPod support on the high-end variants, navigation system and Volkswagen’s parking assist.  The strategy based two-zone climate control system (automatic), touch screen and the large boot space of around 310 litre are the essential qualities to be available in the hottest hatchback.

With the high-performance based machineries, the Beetle is to be entered in the market against the sporty models like Mercedes-Benz A-class, three-door Mini and BMW 1 series.  A single 1390cc turbocharged petrol engine is to be powered the Indian-specific Volkswagen Beetle to return the around 147bhp of power. The hatchback is to be advantaged with the 7-speed dual clutch transmission for the clutch-free driving on the Indian roads. 

The same model of the Beetle was launched in the international market in 2011 and now the facelift version, may be Dune, is getting ready to launch globally in the next year.  There is a huge gap in terms of offering products between the international market and the domestic market. The Beetle, which is readying to launch in the market will be under sale by the end of 2017. After that, the facelift will get the minor updates than its former model, 2015 Indian-specific Volkswagen Beetle, according to Volkswagen. The Beetle will be the petrol vehicle to cost approximately Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 35 lakhs (Ex-showroom).

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In naturally, the VW diesel variants have huge demand than the petrol cars in India. But, the reputation of the diesel variants little bit dropped due to the emission scandal. So, we will wait for Beetle launch to see how it will be moving in the domestic auto industry.

In an interview, Andreas Lauermann, President and MD of Volkswagen India said that, most of the Indian buyers looking for the diesel variants of Volkswagen models thereby we will introduce our the new compact sedan and the upcoming brands with both diesel and petrol options.

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