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Volkswagen becomes top carmaker in the world in H1 of 2016

The Volkswagen Group has emerged as the top carmaker in the world in the first half of 2016. As per the reports, the company has manufactured the most number of cars than Toyota and General Motors, despite the diesel emission scandal. The German based car manufacturer emerges as not only the largest producer but also the largest seller in the H1 of 2016. In the first six months, Volkswagen has produced 5,268,000 cars, whereas the Toyota Group has manufactured 5,033,177 cars and the reports of General Motors is yet to be announced.

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The sales of the Volkswagen Group were high in the first half of 2016. Volkswagen sold 5,199,000 cars across its brand, whereas General Motors reported the total sales of 4,760,000 units and the Toyota Group, including Toyota, Daihatsu, Lexus and Hino, sold 4,991,741 units in the first six months.

Volkswagen picks up again in the first half of this year, even though it’s operating profit has registered a substantial dip to £ 5.3 billion (around Rs. 46,864 crore) in the H1 of 2016 from £ 6.8 billion (around Rs. 60,127 crore) in the same period of 2015. Volkswagen’s production is down by 0.6 percent in the H1 of 2016, compared to the production in the same year-ago period. There is a slight difference of 46,000 cars and this figure changed slightly when car production in H1 of 2015 is taken into account.

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The sales of Volkswagen were increased by 2.1 percent and registered extra 109,000 cars than the sales in the H1 of 2016. It’s rival, Toyota’s production increased by 0.4 percent as well as sales drop by 0.6 percent in the first six months of this year.

The sales of Volkswagen Group brands, Skoda and Audi, have slipped due to the emission scandal in July 2016, as per the UK Customer Service Index report. Apart from this, the company plans to introduce the highest amount of electric cars in the coming years.

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