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Volkswagen and Audi have High-Position in Indian and Global Auto Market

Volkswagen Group is one of the largest car makers in Europe, which always improved its products, innovation technology, dealership network, R&D plants, investor relations and sustainability in the global countries. As a world’s automobile manufacturer, the group delivers millions of vehicles for a year into the auto market and increases its production capacity. Last year the group delivered 10.137million vehicles in which the share of the passenger car market in the world is 12.9 percent that was grown compare to last year. The brands from the group have their own characters, technologies and independent performance in the auto industry. It delivered all range of products from smaller to big; passenger vehicles include motor vehicles, small cars, luxury cars and commercial vehicles, such as heavy trucks, buses and pick-ups.

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Also the Volkswagen Group concentrated in different fields, domestic and export business, making of stationery applications, large diesel engines, turbo machinery and many more. The team at Volkswagen always expects the customer’s future needs of products and turns those needs into the latest and enhanced innovation technologies to get the world’s recognition as well as customer satisfaction which are the most key-requirements for the success of company. The short-term goal of the company is producing more than 10 millions of units, which may be small cars or commercial vehicles for a year, also the production capacity has continuous growth year-by-year in the industry.

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The Group of Volkswagen constantly improves its production flexibility and efficiency with its modular toolkit system so that the sales of products and profit of the company are grown. As a result, production capacity implemented new methods and Company’s share in the car market Industry will be automatically increased.  The Volkswagen group, offered different mobility services and puts a target in the share market, which will be around 6-7% share by the year 2018.  The Volkswagen India is the biggest car maker offered highly-equipped and trendy products Polo, Vento, etc models in domestic and global market. The company is implementing latest MQB A0 modular platform in the new and existed products which will mainly target the large markets, China and India, according to company’s report.  With well-acceptance of SUVs in India, it would be planned to launch SUVs, Taigun 2016, etc in coming two years.  In the last month, the sale of Volkswagen India’s passenger vehicles, Polo and Vento Variants is grown with an increase of 18.19 percent. Under the group, multiple companies and brands are connected with their individual identities and characteristics. 

Audi is the major manufacturer company under the Volkswagen Group and offers luxury products into the global auto market. The company’s strategic goal is to become as a leading brand in the world with technically capable products in the automobile sector.  The company set a target for 1.5 million vehicles for 2015 but it achieved the target in the fiscal year, 2013 by delivering 1,575, 480 cars out of 1,741,129 with demand of new A3 family vehicles in Western Europe, North America and Asia. With the success, the company puts the target 2 million vehicles to challenge the biggest market shares in world by the sales.  To improve its profitability and market share, the Audi Company is continuously expanding its business in the global market by enlarging the dealership and service network. In the duration of 2014-2015, the company delivered 11,292 cars and SUVs to the customers than Mercedes-Benz (sold 11,213 units).

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The solid base for the manufacturer company is large dealership network that facilitates to improve the growth in the markets as well as to expand more production structures in global countries. Volkswagen and Audi companies have large dealership networks in all small and big cities of worldwide regions.  The companies will plan to release their eco-friendly brands with advanced technologies in different segments, SUVs, small and luxury cars in coming years. Licensed and Expertise Audi dealers and Volkswagen dealers in the company’s network, which offer a wide variety of products in different segments to the customers.

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