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Porsche Will Introduce Hybrid Versions Of Its All Models

Volkswagen (VW) owned Porsche has confirmed that the company plans to offer the hybrid versions of all its models including Cayenne, Cayman, Panamera, Boxster, Macan and 911.  The information released by Oliver Blume, Chief Executive of the sports carmaker. The hybrid trims of the Porsche 911 will introduce in 2018 in the global market with the range of 31.1miles (50 kilometres).  The Mission E project will bring by the company and the project-based models are to hit the market by 2020 with over 600hp and more than 500km range.

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Porsche confirmed that it invests around 1 billion Euros to offer the extensive range of production facilities and services at its manufacturing plant. These facilities are to be helped the company for introducing all-electric sports cars and hybrid trims. As an initial plan, Porsche will invest around 700 Million Euros to increase the facilities at the manufacturing unit and establish new assembly plant as well as new paint shop in next few years.  Mission E is the big project so the carmaker plans to enlarge its engine plant for developing a variety of electric motors.  In just 15 minutes of time, the battery will be charged up to 80 percent. 

The company has been developing the self-driving cars based on the Driverless Transport System and it has looked to develop autonomous vehicles and multiple views on a variety of models with the new technology supported features including iPhone support, as well. The advanced radar system, appropriate navigation paths, control systems help to analyze sensory data, as well are supported by the driverless cars. 

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Porsche’s driverless cars come with the semi-autonomous system (InnoDrive), which promises more efficiency than the human-driven cars by controlling the brakes. It is almost 2 percent faster than the human driven car and offered with the three driving modes comfort, efficient and dynamic. In future, there is no idea whether the company is to develop the driverless cars or not. At the same time, there is no necessity to team up with the technology-based companies as it is already a part of the strong company, according to Blume, CEO of Porsche. 

A few of the hybrid versions are under process and all of the Porsche models will bring the hybrid trims in the next coming years.

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