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Polluting Trucks to be Penalized by Rs. 5000 in Delhi

The Government of Delhi has announced the polluting trucks that enter into the national capital are to be penalized by Rs. 5000. Along with this, the government has to check the construction projects for observing the how much amount of dust particles to be produced.  The two judgments supported by the officials of the Government to control the air pollution levels. As we aware of that the country was crossed China with the heavy pollution and the national capital is one of the most-polluted cities in the worldwide. 

The total process is to be keenly observed by the certain department as well as various agencies in Delhi to down the air pollution as soon as possible. Along with this, the several processes are to be implemented by the Delhi government like the Delhi’s odd-even rule, registration of over 2.0-litre diesel engine integrated vehicles including small to luxury cars and SUVs. The overall motto is to reduce the emissions in the environment thereby the Delhi people will live happily without facing any troubles. 

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Mr. Satyendar Jain, Health Minister, considered these decisions at the meeting to bring down the pollution in Delhi.  The traffic police department announced that the NGT (National Green Tribunal) orders like the each and every polluting truck will be penalized by Rs. 5,000, a statement from the Delhi Government. 

The official persons in the Government approached the NGT to finalize the penalty on the polluting trucks, which are entering into the capital city of India. Currently, the government imposes an amount of Rs. 2,000 on such kind of vehicles including trucks and other CVs.  

Along with this, a fine of Rs. 50,000 is on each builder and vehicle owners, who violate the rules and Rs. 5,000 on burning waste in Delhi. The various agencies and departments attended the meeting and informed the ministers about the actions taken by the government on the people who violates the rules. The three municipal corporations and revenue department during the meeting reported that the burning waste will automatically come down if the govt will implement the prosecution action, inspections and any other.  

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A statement from the Government is the department of environment was hand over the matter to the traffic police and DDA. After that, the government brings the view from them and sends a notice to the NFT to finalize about the plan. As of now, the government thinks to impose Rs. 5,000 fine on the vehicles including trucks, which release a lot of pollutants.  

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