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Passenger Vehicle Sales in India in Q1 FY 16-17

The complete automotive sales analysis of Q1 FY 16-17 announced, the segment of passenger vehicles, including passenger cars, UVs (utility vehicles) and vans, reported 6.66 percent growth in the Indian market. In the duration of April to June 2016, the Indian PV industry sold 6,97,154 units against 6,53, 593 units in the same period of previous fiscal.

The segment of passenger cars falls down 1.41 percent to 4,75,799 units from 4,82,614 units in April to June 2015. The utility vehicles, including MUVs, SUVs, MPVs and compact SUVs, reported 38.04 percent growth in India with the sales of 1,76,788 units, compared to previous fiscal Q1 sales of 1,28,073units. The domestic sales of vans have increased by 3.87 percent at 44,587 units sold in Q1 FY 16-17, compared to 42,906 units in the year ago duration.

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Almost around twenty new vehicles introduced, especially in the compact (sub-4metre) UV segment so that the total PV sales increased in India. Similarly, the PV industry reported 12.14 percent sales growth with 1,58,782 units in the export market, compared to 1,41,595 units in the first quarter of the previous fiscal year.

PV Sales in India in April to June, 2016:

Segment April to June (2015) April to June (2016) %Change
Passenger Cars 4,82,614 4,75,799 -1.41%
Utility Vehicles 1,28,073 1,76,788 38.04%
Vans 42,906 44,587 3.87%
Total Passenger Vehicles 6,53, 593 6,97,154 6.66%

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PV Sales (Exports) in April to June, 2016:

Segment April to June (2015) April to June (2016) %Change
Passenger Cars 1,23,783 1,24,650 0.70%
Utility Vehicles 17,490 33,524 91.68%
Vans 322 608 88.82%
Total Passenger Vehicles 1,41,595 1,58,782 12.14%
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