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Maruti Suzuki reports 47.6% share in domestic PV market in ongoing fiscal

The biggest car market leader, Maruti Suzuki has reported 47.6 percent market share in the domestic passenger vehicle market in the ongoing fiscal. During the period from April’16 to February’17, the company sold 13,15,946 units of the passenger vehicles. Maruti had a market share of 46.85 percent with the sales of 11,86,456 units in the same year-ago period.

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As per the data from SIAM, the PV segment increased by 9.16 percent to 27,46,206 units during the period (April to February) as against 25,32,288 units in the same period last fiscal. After Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and Renault have gained market share whereas, Hyundai, Mahindra & Mahindra, Honda and Toyota automakers have reported fall in sales during the period.

Tata Motors witnessed an increment in market share to 5.6 percent, selling 1,55,411 units. The company’s PV market share in the year-ago period was 5.45% with 1,38,152 units.

Renault India also witnessed for double digit market share to 4.44 percent with the entry level hatchback model, Renault Kwid. The company sold 1,22,935 units during the period.

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Hyundai had a drop of 16.82 percent market share with the sales of 4,64,948 units in the current fiscal. It’s PV market share in the April’15 to February’16 was 17.49 percent with 4,43,123 units.

The utility vehicle manufacturer, Mahindra & Mahindra had a drop to 7.62 percent in the April’16 to February’17 period with 2,10,776 units. It had a market share of 8.27% in April’15 to February’16 with 2,09,422 units.

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