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Maruti Suzuki iM-4 Concept-Known as Maruti Suzuki Ignis or Maruti Ignis (India)

The report based, Maruti’s Suzuki iM-4 concept model is known as Suzuki Ignis which will be the successor product of discontinued sub-compact Suzuki Ignis.  It will be the production-specific model and identical to the Models which designed based on iM4 concept.  Before discontinued in 2016 the products, Suzuki Ignis models are sold by the company in Australia, Europe and Asia parts. The information was not clear but the new iM4 concept model will be called as Maruti Ignis instead of Suzuki Ignis.  Actually the concept was unveiled in Auto Shangai 2015 which held in April month, 85th Geneva Motor show and it would be emphasized in future products of Suzuki.

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1.0-litre Boosterjet engine with 3-cylinders which taken from Suzuki Baleno hatchback and 1.2-litre Dualjet Engine from Europe-specific Suzuki swift will be as a pack in the new Suzuki Ignis model, as a 1.2 L Dual-jet engine. In addition, the diesel variant engine can be offered and the basis is taken from the 1.3litre-DDiS diesel engine.  The company is in a plan to release new models with successfully-tested high thermal-efficient engine and a light platform as a reason the iM-4 concept will be in process. The model will also integrated with reliable 4WD performance which carried Maruti Suzuki’s 4x4 DNA and imported latest SHVS mild hybrid technology with outstanding fuel-economy and less CO2 emissions.  

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The Suzuki Ignis has 3,693mm long, 1709mm width, 1566 height with all-wheel drive and high ground clearance. The IM-4 concept models will have trapezoidal tail lamps at rear side, headlamp graphic, single unit grille and conventional bumper at front side.  Architected lines of the shoulder, Plain surfaces and round-roof will give a rich-look to the model.

Suzuki designed new-generation platform to increase the rigidity while reducing the weight by modifying the body structure and optimizing the vehicle design including interior parts as a result that improves vehicle stability, handling, safety and fuel-efficiency.

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 Highlighted Features in iM-4 Concept (Suzuki Ignis):

  • Imported Mild Hybrid (SHVS) technology
  • New-generation platform
  • 1.2L Dualjet Engine
  • 4WD performance
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • 18-inch wheels, Lithium-ion batteries, High-efficiency ISG
  • Break energy recuperation system

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The Company is also working on different kind of products in which sub-4m SUV  (Maruti YBA) product will designed based on the Maruti XA Alpha Concept showcased at 2012 Auto Expo and iK2 hatchback (codenamed as YRA).  Almost its Ciaz hybrid and other models will be ready to launch in Indian market.

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