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Mahindra officially discontinued two-door e2o electric car in India

With the introduction of the Mahindra e2oPlus four-door variant, the largest Indian utility vehicle maker has confirmed that the e2o two-door electric car discontinued in India. Mahindra has also removed the two-door e2o from its official website. However, the two-door e2o electric cars will be exported as the 2 door models have more demand in the global markets.

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The two-door electric car has received the disappointing number of sales in the country so that the company has launched the four-door Mahindra e2oPlus. The four-door models are more comfortable and more value in the domestic market as the Indian customers habituate with the regular four-door vehicles.

Mahesh Babu, Mahindra Electric CEO said, we expected that the Indian customers will give more value to the Mahindra e2oPlus than the 2 door e2o electric car. So, the company confirmed that the e2o won’t be sold in India. Moreover, Babu added that we don’t have plans to introduce the two-door models in India.

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Some of the sources reported that the 2-door e2o will be made based on the customer’s order but, Mahindra puts an end to such kind of rumour with the new announcement. In fact, the two-door Mahindra e2o was introduced as a first electric car under the brand of Mahindra Reva in 2013. The model also received the subsidy from the Indian government under the FAME scheme.

Currently, Mahindra e2oPlus available with a more powerful motor that is rated at 41bhp and 91Nm maximum output. The four-door version offers with the top speed of 85km/h and supports the 140km range with the bigger battery.

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The new Mahindra electric car is available in four colors, Wine Red, Coral Blue, Solid White and Arctic Silver. The e2oPlus is offered in P4, P6 and P8 variants, which priced in the range of Rs. 5.46lakh to Rs. 8.46lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

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