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Madhya Pradesh Bans Old Commercial Vehicles Over 15yrs on Roads

Following the Delhi Government, Madhya Pradesh bans the allowing of old commercial vehicles over 15 years on the roads to overcome from the heavy air pollution. The report has been released by Bhupender Singh, transport minister as of the basis is the older commercial vehicles including heavy trucks and LCVs causes more air pollution than the new one. The older vehicles, which have over fifteen years old, would not be issued new permits to enter on the roads as well as fitness certificates.  To implement this new rule across all cities in Madhya Pradesh, the search operations are to be launched shortly by the Police and Transparent department, according to him.

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One by one the state governments have been implementing new rules to control the emission levels in the country. The rules from the Delhi’s odd- even to the old commercial vehicle ban in MP are the strategies implemented by the respective government to controlling purpose only. Why because, most of them are the temporary plans, which will be applied permanently if they will have success movements in the country otherwise, they will be stopped.

The sources recommended that these are not the permanent remedies and the country is free from heavy emissions when the usage of hybrid and eclectic vehicles will be increased. Of course, it is just not an immediate process but, the auto industry will need the support of government to implement an immediate plan is essential for India. Not only that, but also the implementation of higher emission standards, like BS V and BS VI, will be mandatory for the country in this current situations.

Apart from the automobile industry, the government needs to observe the other areas like industrial sectors and implement the new rules without losing the revenues from the corresponding markets. 

Toxic chemical mix in Delhi’s air:

IIT Kanpur conducted the survey about air pollution in the National Capital city and it is reported that the presence of toxic chemicals is in very small quantity in Delhi’s air. Kind of toxic chemical is polyclinic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), which are the kind of emissions produced from the diesel vehicles and toxic gases, causes cancer.  The PAH makes the kind of particulate matters including PM 2.5 and PM 10, are presented in huge amounts in the national capital’s air.

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Along with PAH,  the draft about Delhi’s air pollution  has been given to the Supreme Court and the draft contains the information like suspending of sources produced PM 2.5 are industrial point sources (11%), domestic fuel burning (12%), vehicles ( 20%) and road dust (38%).  

The total studies, rules and concerns about reducing the pollution levels in the country because India is already crossed China in terms of pollution. 

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