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Indian Government plans to offer 100% electric vehicles by 2030

The Indian Government has very much interested in offering the electric and hybrid cars in the domestic market to control the air pollution in the major cities across the country. A few of programs have been implemented as well as rules ordered by the government to get the eco-friendly environment in India. Moreover, some of the new schemes, including the implementation of emission-free engines, related to the automotive/automobile industry are under process. The total motto is to see the pollution-free environment in the Indian environment.

Now, a new report released by the government is the country will become as a 100 percent EVs (all-electric vehicles) nation by 2030 with the new financial scheme. Besides, India is working on the new scheme to offer the all-electric cars with zero down payment so that the customers will be prohibited from the expensive cost of the fossil fuels.

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According to Piyush Goyal, Minister of Power, Coal and Renewable Energy, we don’t need financial support, even single rupee from the government as well as any financial investment from the Indian people. We will make this financial program successfully so that the India will become as the electric vehicles nation. India will be the first country of its size in the multiple biggest automotive markets to have 100 percent electric cars by the end of the next decade with zero investment from the government.

The working group will gather in the first week of April and discuss the financial scheme, according to Piyush Goyal. The team will try to save the customers from more investment in the fuel as well as offer the electric cars, which will need cheaper electricity of charging. Besides, the board has been created by the road minister Nitin Gadkari with environment minister Prakash Javadekar and Dharmendra Pradhan, oil minister is thinking of scale. That means, we at the board think of leading the global market or world instead following the world, according to him. 

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Till the date, there is no country to think of this much of scale. Maybe, the country will be the first largest market in the world. To see India as a manufacturing hub, the government has started the Make in India program, which allows the multi-national manufacturing companies to develop their products in India.

With the new scheme, the country will help from importing the oils from other countries, as a result India will have extensive monetary savings. At overall, this finical scheme will help the country as well as the customers and the board is to work on the scheme thoroughly to provide cheaper electricity for charging the electric cars.

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The domestic carmakers have introduced the very lower amount of electric cars in India while this new move will influence the car companies to offer the hybrid or electric cars in India. The global auto markets, including the US, German, Japan, as well have multiple models of electric/hybrid cars but, the country has countable electric cars as of the highest costs and low demand. Toyota, Nissan and other car companies to introduce their electric cars in India with the new proposed scheme. The leading Indian carmaker in SUV segment, Mahindra & Mahindra, introduced the electric car (e2o) in the country.

To provide the subsidies in terms of technology, engine equipment, as well on the hybrid and electric vehicles, the government initiated the FAME or Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles scheme in the last year. The scheme has been encouraged by Maruti Suzuki, which has been imported the SHVS (hybrid technology) via this scheme only and introduced it on its vehicles.

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The proposed scheme will help the Indian automotive industry, which has been researching on the eco-friendly cars. The board meeting in the first week is to hold the new discussions about the scheme, which is likely to be positive for the industry as well as people, who wait for the initiating moment of the proposed plan. If the quick movement in the new project (financing scheme) then the country will have all electric cars before 2030.

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