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Indian Government has to check the Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen Group is a powerful brand for German engineering reliability and efficiency and mighty technologies until a last week. But, now the total recognition has changed with an issue of Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal and the hot news, emissions cheating case by United States was spread across the global market over a day. The leading car marketers France, Italy and South Korea considering this issue and the government of India has likely to check out the issue on the Indian-specific  Volkswagen Group products. Based on the reports, the issue is might be affected in the diesel products that made in Germany and many of the Germans worry about their business.

The US EPA confirmed that Volkswagen used imperfection software in regulators that measures toxic emissions so that the company has penalized up to $ 18 billion. The US department of Justice has put a case against Volkswagen group about the regulator software, which is mostly used in the diesel models of Volkswagen and Audi, such as VW Jetta, Golf, Passat, Beetle and Audi A3. Besides, the rumor was “made in Germany” diesel brands only affected by this issue but this statement was not confirmed by US EPA and the famous big markets. The Indian government has considering this issue and closely following the case to quickly describe the global issue whether the Indian-made products hold the diesel emissions scandal or not.

Almost 11million vehicles of brands of Volkswagen Group could be integrated with the emissions disaster software in the worldwide auto market. At first, the company said that this faulty software was installed in the diesel engines of vehicles of Volkswagen Group but now added that “not all the diesel cars, only Type EA 189” software integrated products have false emission results”. From the company, there is no confirmation at all and the further investigation will be conducted on the all Volkswagen Group diesel cars, which incorporated with relevant engine regulator software of “EA 189”. Mostly the investigation could be conducted on the 2.0-liter, four-cylinder and TDI diesel cars. To overcome from the emissions scandal issue, the company has put aside $ 7 billion that is the third quarter amount of the Volkswagen Group has penalized by the US EPA.

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