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Delhi’s Odd-Even Rule Will Implement by the Govt as a Regular Feature

Based on the success of temporary odd-even rule in Delhi, the government has decided to implement it as a regular feature to reduce the traffic as well as pollutants released by vehicles for increasing the air quality. It was implemented successfully in the short period (1st  to 15th January 2016) and completely coordinated by the Delhi people as well as the private and public officials.  The odd-even rule somewhat helps to reduce the heavy pollution than before so that the Delhi government is reportedly giving the last updates to the Delhi’s new environment policy.

The CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) said that the only odd-even rule, which allows odd and even numbered vehicles on alternate days, cannot control the air pollution in Delhi. With the implementation of the rule, the pollution levels reduced slightly but, the government looks for the new rules that help to reduce pollutants largely in the region of National Capital.   It is just a single factor implemented by the AAP government with the objective of decreasing the emissions in the Delhi’s air.

Depends upon the sources, the new policy from the Delhi’s government will increase the NOC fee (No Objection Certificate) for CVs including trucks and other transport vehicles to Rs. 5000. As of now, the NOC fee of commercial vehicles is Rs. 2,000. To finalize the fee, the Government will take the guidelines from the NGT-National Green Tribunal.

Like this a few of rules implemented in NCR and the National Capital regions, the entering of old commercial vehicles into these two regions restricted by the Government,  registration ban of large diesel vehicles up to the end of March, as well.

Along with these temporary plans, the government has to implement the permanent rules in all cities across India. Consequently, the percentage of pollutants is to be decreased in the environment.  There are more than fifty percent chances to implement the odd-even rule as a permanent plan in the National Capital.

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