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Best and Cheapest AMT cars from M&M and Maruti in India

Automatic Transmissions integrated products have constant demand and gaining high sales in the Indian Market or globally from the past few years. The AMT based cars accessible by customers who feel difficult to control the vehicles in traffic. The manufactures observed the customer’s eagerness in buying automatic cars and launched new models with admirable features. Constant gear changes in the start-stop traffic will happen in the manual transmission cars so that the person who drives the car will feel burden.  As a reason, Most of the buyers in India ready to get best and cheapest automatic transmission cars instead of cars have Manual transmission due to the heavy traffic.

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In general, the new AMT (Automatic Transmission) Technology included products called as “Automatic cars” which are affordable and accessible by Indian buyers according to the current generation. Among all automatic cars, Mahindra & Mahindra and the “Maruti Suzuki” manufacturers offer the best and cheapest AMT cars across Indian market.

Mahindra E20: E20 is the first electric/hybrid car released by Mahindra in two variants at 6.4lakh starting price. This car models existed in two variants, e20 T0, e20 T2 with automatic transmission speed. The car equipped fully automatic gearbox gives top speed 81km/hr and 120km/hr mileage on Indian Roads. The automatic engine controls the vehicle and gives 25.5bhp@3750rpm power, 53Nm@0-3400rpm torque to push the car. GPS Navigation, regenerative braking and Hill hold control are additional features included in the Mahindra E20 hybrid car, the current selling car in electric segment.

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Maruti Alto k10: The Alto K10, the present low-price car in India, is the second automatic car from Maruti Suzuki after the Maruti Celerio.  Alto K10 car is exact match for the best and cheapest automatic car as it gets AMT technology and good appearance in the low budget. The AMT based engine gives 24.07kmpl mileage on the basis of 67bhp@6000rpm power and 90nm@3500 rpm torque. It has almost 6 versions in which Alto K10 VXi AT is only available with 5-speed AMT (automatic transmission) but remaining has come up with manual transmission. In the Indian Auto market, Alto K10 VXi AT is available at Rs.3.95laks price in the Ex-showroom.   

Maruti Celerio: the team at Maruti Suzuki are very much interested in delivering AMT technology cars as the buyers in India much interested in those. Celerio is the first automatic car launched by Maruti and highest demand product in hatchback segment. Celerio Lxi AT, VXi AT and ZXi AMT versions among 11 versions come with automatic technology, front& rear power windows, 235litere boot space and many others. Celerio automatic versions are best for buyers who want the car under 5lakh budget with AMT, the 5-seating capacity Celerio Lxi AT is in Indian ex-showrooms at 4.40lakh starting price but the price varies to 5 lakh for Celerio ZXi AMT Car.

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Maruti Ritz: The only Maruti Suzuki Ritz Vxi AT BS-1V version gets 1197cc displacement 4-cylinder petrol engine with automatic transmission speed among all versions. Almost 2011 units of Ritz sold by Maruti, in which most of the percentage is AMT integrated hybrid cars as the starting price, Rs.6.03lakh (ex-showroom) is cheap for Indian Customers. Ritz, cheapest AMT car is best competitor for Nissan Micra Active, Tata Vista and Chevrolet beat.

Depends upon the transmission type the price is varies; the 6-speed AMT and 7-Speed AMT integrated cars at high-price. At this stage provide you best and cheapest AMT cars/ Automatic cars but the Indian auto market has full of automatic cars with extra features and heavy budget structure, maximum above 10 lakh that is changes based on the product type and brand.

Features/Specifications Mahindra e20 Maruti Alto k10 Maruti Celerio Maruti Ritz
Automatic versions

e20 T0,

e20 T2

Alto K10 VXi AT

Celerio Lxi AT,

Celerio VXi AT Celerio ZXi AMT

Ritz Vxi AT BS-1V
Mileage 120km on full charge 24.07kmpl 23.1kmpl 17.1kmpl
Max. Power 19.85bhp@3000rpm 67bhp@6000rpm 67bhp@6000rpm 85bhp@6000rpm
Max.Torque 53nm@2000 rpm 90nm@3500 rpm 90nm@3500 rpm 113nm@4500 rpm
Engine Electric engine 998cc petrol 998cc K10B petrol 1197cc petrol
Starting price Rs. 5.96lakh Rs. 3.95lakh Rs. 4.40lakhs to 5lakhs Rs. 6.03lakh


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