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Audi Q5 SUV suspended temporarily in India due to higher NOx emissions

Economic Times reported that the German based luxury car manufacturer, Audi has temporarily suspended its currently available Audi Q5 SUV in the Indian market due to the higher emissions. The ARAI testing agency has found that the luxury car has higher emission levels than the prescribed limit so that the company suspends production as well as sales in the country.

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During the testing, the sources found that the NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) level was higher than the specified limit in the Audi Q5 model. This was happened due to the problem in the coolant system so that the luxury car manufacturer has decided to stop the deliveries of the Audi Q5 from its authorised dealers. Moreover, Audi will introduce the rectified version of Q5 SUV in India soon.

The ARAI has done its fresh testing on the four Audi Q5 vehicles and found that the software contains NOx emissions. Besides, the company has handover the software and identified the correct measures, according to the company’s spokesperson. Mostly, the issue is resolved and the company has started the process of type of approval and the introduction of rectified one.

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The suspension of the model before the festival season influences the company sales at high-level and its rivals like Mercedes Benz will gain the demand in the luxury SUV segment. Audi is part of the Volkswagen Group, which was majorly effected by the cheated emission software. It is the different matter, there is no interrelation between the VW Group’s major emission scandal and Audi Q5’s NOx emission.

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