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Ashok Leyland Sales Raised 31.4% in December 2015

The biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Ashok Leyland announced the last month sales, which hold a growth of 31.4 percent at 12,209 units. There is around 2900 to 3000 units difference between the sales of last December and the year ago December.  Hinduja Group’s company has retailed a total sale of 9,290 units including LCVS and M&HCVS in December 2014. Considering the segment of medium and heavy commercial vehicles, the company has an increment of 35.33 percent in December 2015 by the sales of 9,758 units while the sales of the same month last year were 7,210 units.

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Ashok Leyland had sold 2,451 units of light commercial vehicles in December 2015 and hold a growth of 17.83 percent as against the sales of the corresponding month a year ago are 2,080 units.

Ashok Leyland 2015-2016 Fiscal Year Sales:

Date LCVS M & HCVS Total Sales  % Total Change from same month last year
December, 2015 2,451 Units 9,758 Units 12,209 Units 31.1% Growth
November 2015 2,674 Units 6,297 Units 8,971 Units 16% Growth
October 2015  2,627 Units 7,177 Units 9,804 Units 17 % Growth
September 2015  2,637 Units 12,134 Units 14,771 Units 60.81% Growth
August 2015 2,641 Units 8,903 Units 11,544 Units 39% Growth
July 2015 2,219 Units 8,803 Units 11,022 Units 40.21% Growth
June 2015 2,413 Units 8,048 Units 10,461 Units 41% Growth
May 2015 2,402 Units 6,892 Units 9,294 Units 40 % Growth
April 2015 1,886 Units 6,549 Units 8,435 Units 43% Growth


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According to the above sales structure for this financial year, the company has reported the positive growth in both segments of LCVs and M& HCVS as well as the overall total sales compared to the corresponding monthly sales of the last financial year.

SC’s order is to affect Ashok Leyland’s sales?

Till now Ashok Leyland registered the positive growth but, the SC’s order like registrations of commercial vehicles including buses and heavy trucks on hold for three months in the National Capital Region (NCR) is to create confusion. According to the reason, the last quarter of this financial year will crucial for the company, which will have many chances to hold the limited sales in the cities like Delhi, Faridabad, Noida and Gurgaon.

In the duration of April to November, a total of nearly 15000 to 18000 units M&HCVS registered in the region of National Capital but, the commercial industry will see slow sales in the first quarter of 2016.  Rajive Saharia, head of Ashok Leyland’s global trucks, said that the decision-making of company is expected to be impacted by the SC’s order as the buying decisions considered in the Delhi region. Delhi is not a big market for trucks, so there is no major effect on the company over a period of January to March 2016.

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