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ARAI explains everything about skipping of BS-V to Govt; recommended step-by-step process

Indian government has voted for the skipping of the BS-V (Bharat Stage-V) emission norm completely for the commercial and passenger vehicles in the domestic market. So, the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) has been investigating the emission norms of BSV and BS VI, in terms of benefits, cost, technical challenges and availability of fuel.  In India, only 30 percent of the commercial vehicles in the domestic country migrated to BS-IV emission norm from BS-III and remaining 70 percent of vehicles are about to migrate. However, the government has enthusiasm to introduce the BS-VI emission norm directly by skipping two stages.

In India, Almost all the passenger cars integrated by the BS-IV norm from the year 2010 but even a lot of vehicles hold by the older BS-III emission.  Before the announcement of Govt’s opinion, the states in the country have decided to integrate the vehicles with the BS-IV emission norm by the end of 2017. Now the question remains what has to do.

The government is thinking that the two norms have almost same specifications so it has forced the auto industry to skip the BS-V norm, said Rashmi Urdhwareshe, the director of ARAI.  Consequently, the ARAI has explained the opinions and views of using of BS VI norm directly in the vehicles to the Government.  

The skipping of BS-Vis not a realistic process as the entire three-stage process will be completed in the just three years. So, the industry will have a substantial increase in the cost compared to the step-by-step process. Of course, the BS-VI norm has the benefits but, the country has to face many more technical challenges for moving directly into the BS-VI from BS-IV or BS-III.

 In addition, the several factors will be influenced, such as an availability of fuels, the updating of engines and the investment levels of the manufactures.  The ARAI has explained everything about the BS-VI norm and recommended that the stage-by-stage process, Rashmi said. The government has to check out all the factors and takes the decision on that.

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