Apple Car

Apple Car (Might be iCar) to cost around $55,000

Experts estimated that the Apple Car will be priced around $ 55,000 (INR 35,20,000) on the base level version, according to the 68-page note from the tech analysts. Apple’s car will be created by the framework of TITAN project and wil be launched in 2019 with a different structure. And the report is the TITAN is almost completed and it will take tests soon.

Apple First Electric Car (Titan) would be introduced in 2019

Apple speeds up the working of its first electric car, which will be introduced in 2019 and the company has spent more than a year to study the feasibility of the committed project.  The project codenamed as “TITAN” and the leaders of Apple give permission to triple the strength of 600- automotive team, according to the Wall Street Journal.